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Mapa GPS para Ucrania


SD 512Mb Memory Card con solucion GPS para Ucrania: Micro SD Card con la convencional SD y Mini SD Card adaptador + Mapa GPS para Ucrania Está disponible en una tarjeta de memoria que usted puede utilizar tanto como tarjeta SD como tarjeta mini micro SD. Si su PDA tiene una ranura para la tarjeta SD, utilice la tarjeta tal y como se encuentra en la caja. Si su PDA sólo acepta tarjetas mini micro SD, tan sólo debe retirar la tarjeta mini micro SD del adaptador.

Carte Blanche Ukraine Map for Nav N Go iGO 8 Is Updated

Carte Blanche Ukraine Ltd. announces the release of a new version of the map of Ukraine for Nav N Go iGO 8 navigation software for PDAs as well as for iGO 8-based navigation devices. In the 2009.06 version the road network throughout Ukraine, including both national roads and the streets and roads within some cities, has been significantly updated and expanded. The total length of the network has increased by 1.8 times, and 170 detailed intersections have been added to the map. Detailed coverage with building footprints and address search has been added to 4 cities: Dniprodzerzhyns’k, Kremenchuck, Smila and Illichivs’k. In Dnipropetrovs’k, Donets’k and Zaporizhzhia building footprints have been added, and the road network together with the address database have been substantially updated. In many other settlements the major street network without naming has been created. In addition, several thousands of new Points of Interest, including fuel stations, banks, railway stations and hotels have been added to the map. Fundamental changes have occurred in the information layers of hydrography, forests and railways. All in all, the map has been considerably upgraded and refreshed, taking into consideration a number of corrections and suggestions received from the users. Therefore, at the moment Carte Blanche map of Ukraine for Nav N Go iGO 8 contains a detailed coverage of 47 settlements, including all regional centres and some other important cities, with more than 37 % of the Ukrainian population living in the covered area. The total length of the road network is about 400 000 km. The map includes more than 20 000 POIs, most of them having contact information. New map releases are issued each quarter, which makes it possible to keep the information current and to expand the map coverage on a regular basis. The legal users of Nav N Go iGO 8 can download the update free of charge so long as they log in on The site also offers an opportunity to update or purchase the maps of many other countries for Nav N Go iGO 8 and a number of iGO-based PNDs. Availability of and charges (or their absence) on the updates for PNDs on the basis of iGO 8 are determined by the purchase conditions of a given device.

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